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 New Toolbar Feature

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PostSubject: New Toolbar Feature   Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:12 am

Forumotion surprised us with a cool new feature which is the toolbar you can see at the top of your window

It has following features:

Quick Search option -> You just type in what you want and hit enter!

Social media sharing buttons -> You can share what you want from Academy X with a single click now. Why would you need that? If you want more people attracted to your post, then you know how facebook and twitter can help you get people to see it at least! No more complaints from Teachers that their articles are not being read that much if they share em through this option

Welcome menu -> With a click on it, you can see useful links:

View my profile: which redirects to the public profile of the user
Edit my profile: which redirects to the preference tab of the user profile edition
All my topics which redirects to all the topics the user has posted in
All my messages: which redirects to all the user's messages
My watched topics: which redirects to all the watched topics of the user
Administration Panel: which redirects
to the Admin Panel, only if the user has the Admin rights (the option
isn't displayed if the user hasn't got the administration rights)
Log out: which redirects to the log out page.

Notifications -> It
informs you almost instantaneously of the receiving of a friend request,
a private message, a profile message, a message in a watched topic, a
request to join a group, an abuse reported on the forum, and even when
your friends log into the forum!

friend requests
private messages
profile messages
messages in a watched topic
requests to join a group
abuses sent on the forum
new reports
when your friends log in to the forum

To edit the preferences for the wall messages (visitor messages), you go to edit your profile (you have it in the navigation bar as "Profile" or "Edit my profile" in Welcome menu on this new toolbar. Then you go to "Preferences Tab" and look at the 3rd line:

All in all, it is a great feature and now managing your friends has also a new meaning

There is nothing more to say other than if you don't like the new toolbar, you can hide it with the arrow on the right top corner of your window.

YAY for the new features!
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New Toolbar Feature
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